Artwork Disclaimer

Please note that all of the images attached to characters, NPC's, or otherwise used are the sole property of their respective creators.  I do not claim ownership or authorship of anything here except for the narrative content of my campaigns.  As this site allows for attached images I have used them to provide a bit of fun and color to a game that otherwise occurs in our heads alone.  They are all derived from general Google searches; I have not commissioned or otherwise paid for them, and do not intend to benefit from them in any way except to enhance the atmosphere of my games.

That being said, if you are the owner of any of these images and do not wish them to be utilized in this manner I encourage you to notify me of your desire to have them removed and I will endeavor to comply ASAP.  You can contact me via IM here on Obsidian Portal, or by my e-mail at:



Artwork Disclaimer

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